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Specialising in gravity die-casting, Sant began out as a small business providing brass components. Meeting demand and exceeding expectations, Sant Castings became well known in the industry attracting many new customers and companies. Within a few years Sant Castings had a large customer base mainly in the kitchen and bathroom industry. As time went on and as the business got stronger, Sant began moving into different industries including architectural hardware, safety systems and drinks dispense industry just to name a few. This proved to be a success and had Sant winning business from many of its competitors.


The vision of the business has always been to please the customer, providing them with exactly what they want and when they want it. Sticking to this vision the business went from strength to strength. As part of an expansion plan and to extend Sant Castings further, Sant Products was formed, a company with full CNC machining facilities and aluminium foundry. This was the crucial move, which made Sant Group into the business it is today.


Sant Products was formed mainly to serve our current customer base however once set up; new customers were obtained and gave Sant Castings the support it needed to provide its customers with completed products. After this, all that was left to complete the fully finished item, is metal finishing, in comes Sant Plating. Serving Castings and Products, Sant Plating also has its own customer base ranging widely throughout many industries. At this stage, the 3 companies are working together and providing customers with complete packaged products, exact to their specifications.  


After providing the drinks dispense industry with many of their parts Cornwallis came in action. With Castings and Products, it seemed only right to go into this industry and have the power to give customer a one stop shop for their dispensing needs. This not only saves time and effort but also enables us to give our customers the best price and lead times.  


Up until this very day, over 25 years later, Sant still operate as strongly  and as passionately as it did on day one, with the same beliefs, aims and drive.

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