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Sant Products Ltd

Established to aid Sant Castings in providing customers with machined components. Specialists in not only CNC Machining but also Aluminium Gravity Die Casting.


Providing our customers with finished aluminium components. Current facilities include:


•Aluminium Foundry          •Die Cutting Facilities            •CAD/CAM Design


•2D & 3D Design                •6 Mazak CNC Machines      •Assembly and Test.


Our full CNC machine shop also allow us to produce our own tooling, jigs and fixtures discarding the need to produce externally, saving our customers time and money. Machining various materials including Brass, Aluminium, Steel, copper and plastic. Supporting Sant Castings customers with their machining needs and also having a customer base of their own spanning over industries such as:


•Beverage Dispense                •Building Industry                   •Food Storage


•Electrical Industry                     •Safety Systems


Sant Products also deals with test and assembly of kitchen and bathroom brassware sending completed products individually packed and boxed as per the customer’s requirements.


Heavy investment and commitment has helped Sant Products get into the strong position they are in today with years of knowledge and gaining year by year. Machines with bar feeding capabilities and vertical axis give us the diversity to provide our customers with all possible requirements they may have, whether it by on castings or tooling.



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