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Sant Plating Ltd

With over 25 years of expertise in the industry providing customers with quality finished products specialising in electroplating in chrome, nickel and gold.


Sant Plating currently holds the following facilities:


•Hand plating line for copper, nickel, gold, chrome and black nickel plating.

•Automatic rack plating line, PLC controlled for nickel and chrome plating on metals.

•Automatic rack plating line, PLC controlled for nickel and chrome plating on plastic.

•3, twin spindle manual polishing machines

•Automatic polishing machine

•Laboratory equipment including Minolta colour meter and atomic absorption unit.


With such extensive facilities we can plate on many different materials including brass, aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Zinc Die Casting and most recently, Plastic.

Stripping and re-polishing facilities are also available providing full refurbishment options.


Currently serving the following industries:


•Kitchen and Bathroom

•Drinks Dispense

•Electrical Products


•Sanitary ware


Experience is vital in this industry as the finish of a product is very important. With a fully automated plant, full effluent treatment you can be sure to get the best service and quality of product from this environmentally friendly company.


Plating on plastic is the most recent addition to the company and not widely available, this shows our commitment to service for all our customers, offering all possible solutions for all component finishing, whatever the material.


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